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When creating a survey on Maveny, the survey is automatically populated with a set of pre-selected questions that are commonly used for evaluating stories, whether it is for self-evaluation or getting feedback from others. On this page we keep an up-to-date overview of these questions, but the best way to see the questions in action is to take a sample survey yourself.



Clarity & Engagement

The first 10 pages set up the story in a clear and engaging way (1-10 Rating Scale)

What is the dramatic situation of the story?


In which genre would you place this story? (Select Genres)
Why did you choose these genres?


Character & Plot

The protagonist is introduced in an interesting and engaging way(1-10 Rating Scale)

What makes you care about the main character(s)?


The protagonist is forced to do something, that is impossible to achieve (1-10 Rating Scale)

What do you think the real conflict of the story is?


The characters are well developed and have distinctive traits (1-10 Rating Scale)

HHow would you describe the characters in a few keywords?


Emotion & Meaning

The script has a clear and compelling theme (1-10 Rating Scale)

What do you think the theme or moral message is?


Reading the script produces an emotional experience (1-10 Rating Scale)

What kind of an emotional experience do you expect?



The tone and writing style elicit emotion and make it an enjoyable read(1-10 Rating Scale)

What is it about the writer’s voice that you like or dislike?


I would pay to see this story in the cinema / on TV

What is the biggest problem preventing this script from being produced?



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