Logline Questions

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When creating a survey on Maveny, the survey is automatically populated with a set of pre-selected questions that are commonly used for evaluating stories, whether it is for self-evaluation or getting feedback from others. On this page we keep an up-to-date overview of these questions, but the best way to see the questions in action is to take a sample survey yourself.



Clarity & Engagement

The logline is clear & engaging (1-10 Rating Scale)

What do you think the story is really about?


In which genre would you place this story? (Select Genres)
Why did you choose these genres?


Character & Plot

The protagonist is interesting and easy to connect with (1-10 Rating Scale)

What makes you care about the main character(s)?


The protagonist has a difficult, but important goal to achieve (1-10 Rating Scale)

What do you think the real conflict of the story is?


Emotion & Meaning

The story feels meaningful (1-10 Rating Scale)

Which part of the story feels most meaningful to you?


The story feels like an emotional experience (1-10 Rating Scale)

Which emotion(s) do you associate with this story?



The story & characters are original (1-10 Rating Scale)

What other stories does this logline remind you of?


How willing are you to pay to see this story?

Which part of the story grabs your attention the most?




Any feedback on these questions is appreciated! Contact us at hello@maveny.com